Benefits FAQ

Find the answers to some of alumni's most frequently asked questions about benefits:

Q. Who can join the Embry-Riddle Alumni online community?

A. All Embry-Riddle Alumni are generally eligible to become members of the online community. By definition, alumni are former students of the University who have successfully completed a full undergraduate or graduate program, completed at least 24 credit hours in an academic program and self-identified themselves as an alumnus, or hold a certificate from the flight or military training programs during the period from 1927-1960 before Embry-Riddle was an accredited educational institution. To access and continue to use alumni benefits and services, alumni must be in good standing academically and financially, and have not been denied physical access to the university's facilities. Honorary alumni – those non-students who have been recognized by the President and Provost for their achievement and benefit to the University – may also be considered University Alumni.

Q. What alumni records are kept by the Office of Alumni Relations?

A. The Office of External Relations maintains all official records for Alumni Relations. In addition, the Office of Alumni Relations maintains the records for all registered members of the online community . The Alumni Directory currently has accurate records for more than 68,000 living alumni. Non-graduates who completed more than 24 credit hours may apply for status as Alumni. Records of non-graduates are generally not kept unless requested.

Q. How can alumni receive copies of transcripts?

A. The administration of records and registration is handled separately at each of Embry-Riddle's campuses. To request a transcript, go to The Office of Alumni Relations can confirm graduation year, major and degree program information for potential employers and others, at no charge.

Q. How can alumni receive copies of diplomas?

A. If you just graduated and all financial obligations to the university are satisfied, your diploma will be mailed to the address you requested on your application for graduation after printing.  No diplomas are available at the ceremony for any student. For backdated diplomas, fill out the online post-graduation diploma request form or click on your campus to access the PDF document to make your request via mail: Daytona Beach, Prescott. Worldwide alumni may call Susan Ruck at 386-226-4812, Cindy Ranstad at 386-226-6789 or Lisa Spencer at 386-226-6913. 

Q. What information will be released regarding alumni attendance at Embry-Riddle?

A. The following information for alumni may be shared or printed in university publications: year(s) attended Embry-Riddle, major, degree(s) awarded. (See below for more information about sharing and obtaining alumni’s contact information.)

Q. How can alumni obtain the contact information of other alumni?

A. To find classmates and other alumni, visit the alumni online community at and register to be a part of this FREE online community. All Embry-Riddle alumni who are registered members have access to search for others in the Alumni Directory.

To find contact information for alumni NOT included in the Alumni Directory, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 727-ERAU or send an email to . The Office of Alumni Relations does not release contact information without the permission of the alumnus. If contact information for the requested alumnus is available, a message (email or letter) can be forwarded to that alumnus. In addition, if the requested contact information is in the Alumni Directory AND the requester is verified as an alumnus, the contact information may be shared.

Q. How can alumni update his/her information?

A. Alumni are encouraged to use the alumni online community to update his/her contact and/or professional information. Login to access your personal profile page and use the Edit My Information link to update your information at any time. Alumni may also contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 727-ERAU or send an email to .  

Q. Does ERAU release alumni’s contact information to other organizations?

A. The Office of Alumni Relations currently has marketing arrangements with several merchant vendors. (View a complete list of current merchant partners.) We work with these partners to ensure they are offering a quality product to benefit alumni, and are doing so in a responsible manner. The Office of Alumni Relations continues to seek appropriate merchant vendors to increase the level of post-graduation benefits available to alumni.

Q. Are email accounts or email forwarding services available to alumni?

A. For those who had an alumni email forwarding address prior to May 1, 2008 (, these email addresses are no longer active. However, the Office of Alumni Relations listened to your feedback and established a new (and improved!) email forwarding address for all online community members. As of September 22, 2008, alumni who are community members can set up their free forwarding address. To do so, login at the alumni online community and click on the "My Account" link that appears on the top of the homepage. Select "My Profile", then select the tab called Email Forwarding. Be sure your main personal email address is correct and then create a name for your email forwarding address.

Q. How can alumni obtain an Alumni Eagle Card?

A. The Alumni Eagle Card is a membership card for alumni and is issued free upon request at both the Daytona and Prescott campuses. It is required that holders of the card have their current contact information on file with the Office of Alumni Relations. Alumni Eagle Card holders may receive special consideration from Campus Security for entry into ERAU facilities for authorized and appropriate activities, including access to the libraries on both the Daytona and Prescott campuses. Find out more about the Alumni Eagle Card here.

Q. Can alumni use the library and its collection of online journals and databases?

A. Alumni are welcome to use the Hunt Library on the Daytona Beach campus and the Hazy Library and Learning Center on the Prescott Campus upon presentation of an Alumni Eagle Card, available from the Office of Alumni Relations (see answer above). On the Daytona campus, Alumni may use the library’s online resources – including journals, databases and software (excluding Microsoft and IT supported software). The Hazy Library and Learning Center (Prescott) offers Alumni free Internet access and access to online Journals. Both Daytona and Prescott campuses offer book reservation and checkout services. These services are not available to off-site, non-students.

Q. Can alumni use the athletic and gym facilities?

A. The Prescott campus offers access to on-site athletic equipment and facilities, including the outdoor pool, to alumni and their immediate families. To obtain access, contact the Athletics Department at (928) 777-3777 or email . (Information for access on the Daytona Beach campus is coming soon.)

Q. Why do alumni receive calls from Embry-Riddle telephone solicitors?

A. Each year, through a company that the University has contracted with, alumni are called upon to give back to their alma mater and are solicited for donations in support of the Annual Fund. In addition, alumni from specific anniversary classes may be called to receive information about reunion events (if any) and to make a contribution for annual scholarships. ERAU is exempt from "do not call" registries because of our pre-existing relationship with alumni.

Q. How can alumni make a donation to Embry-Riddle?

A. For information about making a donation, visit or send an email to the Office of Development at .

Q. How can alumni receive Lift, the magazine for Embry-Riddle alumni?

A. Lift is distributed in print twice a year to selected alumni and friends of Embry-Riddle and is also available online to all alumni in the online community. Read it today. To receive a print edition of Lift, please send requests to the editor at

Q. Can alumni get involved with the Office of Alumni Relations as a volunteer?

A. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations to find out about ways to become involved with and volunteer at upcoming alumni events, tradeshows and more at (800) 727-3728 or at

Q. Will reunion events be hosted for specific graduating classes?

A. Currently, groups of alumni gather informally at their residential campus during the scheduled annual Homecoming and OctoberWest weekends. In the near future, it is likely that annual reunion events will be hosted at a time other than the traditional fall-season homecoming at the Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses. As information is finalized, alumni will be informed of the coming year’s plans.

Q. How can alumni get specialty ERAU items?

A. Alumni-logo c lothing and other specialty gifts are sold through the University Bookstore on each residential campus. Visit our online University Bookstores.

For additional assistance, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (800) 727-ERAU or send an email to .