Engagement Opportunities

The AFROTC Detachment 157 Alumni and Cadet Association has several engagement opportunities available for members. If you are interested in making your services available, please fill out the corresponding form(s). If you have questions or comments, contact us via email at Det157AssociationContact@gmail.com.

Guest Speakers

We are currently seeking alumni who are interested in speaking to cadets at Det. 157, either in-person or virtually. Please fill out the form below so we can consider how your offer might best serve the cadets. As you may recall, having Det. 157 alumni engage with the cadets is very meaningful. Sign up now to join our guest speaker pool.


Interested in becoming more involved with the Det. 157 Association? If so, please fill out this survey so we may find an area to best utilize your skillsets.

Words of Wisdom

Helping commissionees and soon-to-be commissionees to succeed in today's U.S. Air Force is a critical goal of the Det. 157 Association. If you have any words of wisdom, guidance, lessons learned, or any information that you wish to share, please fill out this form.

You have the option to remain anonymous and none of the answers are required. However, we encourage you to include your rank, position/career field, and years of experience/service, as that information may add context and meaning to your comments. You may also submit your guidance using a Microsoft Word document via email to Det157AssociationContact@gmail.com.