Alumni Grants

Your signature can help give an incoming freshman a tuition discount. 

Alumni Endorsement Grants 

Your endorsement is worth $4,000 to a new Embry-Riddle student! At no cost to you, you can support future students' education at Embry-Riddle by simply signing your name.

The deserving new student(s) you refer will receive a $1,000 grant, renewable annually for up to four years, toward their tuition for full-time undergraduate study at Embry-Riddle's Prescott, Arizona, campus or Daytona Beach, Florida, campus.


  • A student may receive only one Alumni Endorsement Grant.
  • Alumni can only endorse an incoming student prior to their first semester.
  • Current Embry-Riddle students are not eligible.
  • Students receiving the Golden Eagle or Diamond Eagle Scholarship are also not eligible.
  • In a household with multiple alumni, only one alumnus should complete the form on behalf of a new, incoming student
Father puts arm around graduate son

Important Deadlines

Endorsements are for new incoming students only and must be received by December for the fall semester of the following year, and by April for the spring semester of the following year. If approved, the alumni endorsement grant is valid from the first semester of attendance.

Students are not eligible for the Alumni Endorsement Grant once they have started their first semester at Embry-Riddle as it must be received prior to attending the University.


Fall 2025 applicants: Deadline for the Alumni Endorsement Grant is December 31, 2024.

Spring 2026 applicants: Deadline for the Alumni Endorsement Grant is April 30, 2025.

Legacy Grants

Do you have a son or daughter who is attending Embry-Riddle, or know someone who does?

Students whose parent(s) is/are an Embry-Riddle alumnus may be eligible to receive the Alumni Legacy Grant.

The Alumni Legacy Grant award amount is $1,500 per year, and the grant is renewable for up to four years while the student is eligible.

To be eligible for the Alumni Legacy Grant, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the son or daughter of an Embry-Riddle alumnus 
  • Be enrolled full-time in an approved undergraduate program of study at either the Daytona Beach or Prescott campus.

To apply for the Legacy Grant, the student must indicate on his/her Admissions Application that they are the son or daughter of an alumnus or alumna. The Admissions Office will notify the Financial Aid Office of all students who qualify for this award.

Contact the Office of Admissions on the Daytona Beach Campus at (800) 862-2416 or email

Contact the Office of Admissions on the Prescott Campus at (800) 888-3728 or email