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      • Robert Brantner (’91)

      • Robert M. Brantner, a captain and line check airman for a major US airline, began his career as a bush pilot in Alaska before joining Trans World Airlines. He's a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and has authored multiple books, including "Claus" and "Five Hundred Feet Above Alaska." Bob holds various pilot certifications and resides near Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife, daughter, and dog.
    • Books Written by Robert Brantner
    • Five Hundred Feet Above Alaska (Fiction, ISBN: B07QWF857K)
      "Five Hundred Feet Above Alaska" follows Peter's journey as he pursues his dream of becoming a commercial pilot in Alaska. Despite his commitment to ethical flying, he faces moral dilemmas in life-threatening situations, challenging his values and resolve. As he grapples with the dichotomy between safety and survival, Peter must ultimately decide between embracing life or risking it all.
    • Claus: The Untold Story of Kris Kringle (Fiction, ISBN: B01LYCJCHZ)
      "Claus, the Untold Story of Kris Kringle" weaves magic and technology, exploring Kris's journey from royal infancy to defying a sadistic governor and a menacing warlock. It challenges belief in a modern world while delving into the origins of the Christmas spirit.
    • My Year as an Alaskan Bush Pilot (ISBN: B0793RNFWS)
      Experience Bob Brantner's journey as he transitions from a recent college graduate to an Alaskan bush pilot, facing challenges and adventures in the wilds of Alaska. Through laughter, tears, and suspense, witness his coming-of-age story and his encounters with life-threatening situations in the cockpit.
      • Maria Aguirre (’17)

      • Maria, an Aviation Management Professional with 26+ years' experience, excels in leadership, team-building, and communication. With degrees from FIU and ERAU, she's a certified Maxwell Leadership speaker, L6sBB - Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt, and PMP®, and founder of Meaningful Leaders, Inc.
    • Books Written by Maria Aguirre
    • The Square-Peg Leader Delusion: The Art of Building and Leading Bulletproof Teams (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 979-8-9869742-0-0)
      "The Square-Peg Leader Delusion" emphasizes self-leadership as foundational for effective leadership. It differentiates between managing and leading, stressing the importance of building relationships within teams. Personal anecdotes and a light tone make the book insightful and accessible.
      • Mark Berry (’85)

      • Mark holds a BS in Aero Science from ERAU and an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. He's authored 28 articles for Airways magazine and two books: "Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun" and "13,760 Feet." As a 737 captain and former check-airman, he's flown various aircraft, including the L1011. Mark resides in a fly-in community in Southwest Florida.
    • Books Written by Mark Berry
    • Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun (Fiction)
      "A survivor's guilt story. Billy and Lindy wrestle with Oso's untimely motorcycle death. Their path to emotional recovery traverses sex, self-medication, & rock n roll. The lyrics for 12 original companion songs are developed within the story. Welcome to the world of musical fiction."
    • 13,760 Feet (ISBN: 978-0989786904)
      Mark L. Berry shares a poignant memoir of TWA Flight 800, where his fiancée perished among 230 passengers. The narrative unfolds the tragedy's impact, with vivid imagery and emotions, complemented by 34 companion songs crafted within the book.
      • James Brutsman (’75)

      • Jim Brutsman, ERAU '75, is a vagabond with too many entrepreneurial and corporate positions to list. After ERAU he went to work at FED EX and worked around the world. His wife Pat was receptionist at ERAU, Daytona while he was in school. He is an Army Viet Nam veteran.
    • Books Written by James Brutsman
    • Braingas (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-03-413942-3)
      Inside are short stories that emerged as movies in an old man's head at night and cried out to be written down for posterity. The exact details may have been confused when brain impulses weaved through neurons tangled with small amounts of BS, especially the story about the first parachute jump.
      • Charles Causey (’68)

      • I attended ERAU during 1967 and 1968. I completed the A&P mechanic program and later started Causey Aviation Service with my family. I ran our FAA Repair Station for 40 years and started PMA Products, Inc. where I am still President, producing replacement aircraft parts.
    • Books Written by Charles Causey
    • PIEDMONT HANGAR TALES...Stories From Fifty Years of Aviation in Central North Carolina (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-4834-9464-7)
      PIEDMONT HANGAR TALES is a collection of stories from more than 50 years of flying in central NC, beginning at age 13. Some stories are humorous, some are family stories, some are almost unbelievable (but actually happened), and some are historical.
      • Mike Cavaliere (’19)

      • "Mike Cavaliere is a multi-award-winning storyteller, book author and humorist. A former journalist, his weekly humor column, Common Nonsense, was syndicated throughout Florida, and his first book, about a group of eccentric sea turtle conservationists, won the Florida Press Association's President's Book Award Silver Medal. Mike earned his MBAA from the Worldwide Campus in 2019 and currently serves as Embry-Riddle's executive director of news and media relations."
    • Books Written by Mike Cavaliere
    • The Humorist: Adventures in Adulting & Horror Movies (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 979-8393318833)
      "The Humorist: Adventures in Adulting & Horror Movies" explores the journey of growing up through personal essays intertwined with a love for horror movies. Mike Cavaliere blends humor and sincerity, recounting poignant moments from late-night antics to life-changing events, reflecting on the universal themes of human connection, fear, and laughter.
      • Tara Cohen (’17)

      • Dr. Tara Cohen, Director at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, specializes in surgical safety and human factors research. With a PhD from Embry-Riddle, her work focuses on enhancing healthcare efficiency and safety through technology integration.
    • Books Written by Tara Cohen
    • Human Factors in Surgery: Enhancing Safety and Flow in Patient Care (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-3030531263)
      "Human Factors in Surgery" offers a thorough exploration of human-centered principles in surgical care, featuring insights from academic surgeons and human factors experts. It covers various surgical specialties, providing case studies, discussions, and practical lessons for enhancing safety and workflow. Ideal for surgeons seeking to improve their practice, it blends theory with real-world application.
      • Christy Conner (’95)

      • Christy Conner, a driving force in LA's tech scene, co-organizes the Friday Coffee Meetup, LA's largest entrepreneurial group. Author of "The Confident Connector™," she shares strategies for authentic networking. With a global career spanning six sectors and teaching on five continents, she brings unique insights to business leadership. Christy holds degrees in Aviation Business Administration and International Relations.
    • Books Written by Christy Conner
    • The Confident Connector: Build Your Must-Have Professional Network in an Era of Job Insecurity (Non-Fiction)
      "The Confident Connector™" offers a practical framework for networking success, blending authentic insights with actionable strategies. Christy's expertise guides readers to overcome fears, build valuable relationships, and navigate career development in today's dynamic job market. With real-world examples and tools, it empowers individuals to master the art of networking and become trusted voices in their communities.
      • Scott Costin (’93)

      • After serving in the US Air Force, Scott transitioned to the biopharma industry in 1999, leveraging his scientific and medical interests. Beginning his career at The Everett Clinic in Washington, he navigated the challenge of restricted access, a national trend. Scott, based in the Pacific Northwest, continues to lead and inspire his representatives to innovate customer connections in the industry.
    • Books Written by Scott Costin
    • The Doctor Won't See You Now (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9978713-0-2)
      "Amidst evolving healthcare dynamics, this book addresses barriers faced by biopharma representatives. It offers practical strategies to build trust, prove credibility, and foster meaningful connections with physicians and healthcare providers, ultimately benefiting patients."
      • Joshua Dalzelle (’07)

      • Joshua Dalzelle, author of the Omega Force Series and Black Fleet Saga, transitioned from aerospace to full-time writing in 2013. With over a million copies sold, his sci-fi novels earned USA Today Bestseller status and a Dragon Award nomination. He resides near Cincinnati with his family.
    • Books Written by Joshua Dalzelle
    • Warship (Science Fiction, ISBN: 978-1507587317)
      In the 25th century, humanity thrives in space, having colonized numerous planets. But when a new formidable enemy emerges, Captain Jackson Wolfe faces a pivotal choice: surrender or fight. Determined to save humanity, Wolfe embarks on a perilous journey that may also save himself.
    • Marine (Science Fiction, ISBN: 978-1793016362)
      In "Marine," Jacob Brown faces alien threats while serving in Earth's spaceborne military. Tasked with a risky mission, he uncovers a dangerous secret, realizing enemies lurk both within and beyond Earth.
    • Blueshift (Science Fiction, ISBN: 978-1081687366)
      The Polaris Project ventures to distant star Angel-21, risking everything for discovery. Returning 800 years later, they find Earth vastly changed, facing perilous challenges and a race against time. Commander Brentwood navigates a dysfunctional crew and a failing ship in Joshua Dalzelle's gripping sci-fi thriller, Blueshift.
      • Mark Earley (’08)

      • Mark W. Earley is the president of the Alumni Code Consulting Group, LLC., a consulting company focused on the National Electrical Code (NEC). He also serves as a columnist for Electrical Contractor Magazine, the magazine of the National Electrical Contractors Association. He earned his Master of Science in management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in electrical engineering from Roger Williams University.
    • Books Written by Mark Earley
    • National Electrical Code Handbook 2020 (Technical, ISBN: 978-1-4559-2290-1)
      The NEC handbook, 2020 Edition, helps get you up to speed with the latest in electrical safety and compliance. Based on the 2020 NEC, the new NEC handbook reflects industry trends and code changes addressing electrical technologies that are transforming the field.
      • Hassan Eltaher (’80)

      • Hassan Eltaher, former Canadian Department of Transport Chief, boasts a diverse career spanning aviation, maritime security, academia, and consulting. Fluent in French, his expertise extends globally, shaping training programs and intelligence management. Holding an MBA from Embry-Riddle, his insights bridge North America, the Middle East, and North Africa.
    • Books Written by Hassan Eltaher
    • Aviation & Maritime security Intelligence (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 9780978476014)
      This is an industry and government how to book, that also doubles as a transportation security and intelligence management textbook for colleges and universities.
      • Paul Freeman (’97)

      • I am from the Class of 97 and have published my second book called 'Home Away From Home'
    • Books Written by Paul Freeman
    • Home Away From Home (Historical, ISBN: 13-979-8386602918)
      "A tale of a kid who left the city streets of Chicago and ended up joining the Navy and ended up on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) flight deck All book proceeds are donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation "
    • The Legendary Hunters of Texas (Historical, ISBN: 13 9781537538051)
      "A story of a Naval Reserve F/A-18 Fighter Squadron that was mobilized in 2002 to perform air strike missions during OIF. Book proceeds are donated to The Gary Sinise Foundation "
      • Robert Goehlich (’/A)

      • Robert A. Goehlich is an accomplished aerospace engineer and educator. With expertise in space tourism, he pioneered master's and Ph.D. courses in the field. He holds doctoral degrees in both engineering and economics. Currently, he contributes as an adjunct assistant professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University while managing projects in a leading aerospace company.
    • Books Written by Robert Goehlich
    • Textbook of Space Tourism (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-3-7375-5754-2)
      "Textbook of Space Tourism" is an illustrated guide for potential space tourists, students, researchers, investors, and enthusiasts. It encourages independent assessment of space tourism topics, offering both overview and in-depth analysis. This second edition aims to inspire creativity in addressing challenges and benefits within the space tourism industry.
      • Paul Houle (’08)

      • "I have over twenty-years experience in the transportation industry. I graduated in 1992 from the University of North Florida with a BA in History. My first book The Crash of Piedmont Airlines Flight 22, was published in 2015. My second book, The Crash of Delta Flight 723, will be out in the Fall of 2021. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina."
    • Books Written by Paul Houle
    • The Crash of Piedmont Airlines Flight 22 (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-4766-6224-4)
      "Amidst a crisis in 1960s American commercial aviation, a collision between a Piedmont 727 and a Cessna 310 led to 82 fatalities, prompting congressional hearings on aviation safety. However, the NTSB's investigation was marred by conflicts of interest and omitted critical evidence, shifting blame from government and airlines. This book uncovers the truth behind the flawed probe, revealing overlooked details and motives."
    • The Crash of Delta Flight 723 (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 9781476686424)
      "Delta Flight 723's crash intertwines with the Watergate scandal, revealing a saga of obstructed investigations. Amidst this, Air Force Sergeant Leopold Chouinard's remarkable survival story emerges, highlighting corruption, determination, and the truth behind the Logan airport crash."
      • Ken Jenkins (’11)

      • Ken Jenkins is a crisis response strategist with vast experience in planning and managing emergency situations, including major air disasters like 9/11. He led response teams, directed command centers, and trained personnel. With a compassionate approach, he's dedicated to effective crisis management.
    • Books Written by Ken Jenkins
    • Resilience | Stories of Courage and Survival in Aviation Disasters (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-61920-036-4)
      "Resilience: Stories of Courage and Survival in the Aftermath of Air Disasters" delves into the profound impact of aviation accidents on survivors, families, and responders. It explores themes of resilience, courage, and humanity, showcasing how individuals navigate grief and trauma to move forward in the aftermath of tragedy.
      • Benjamin Jones (’24)

      • Benjamin Jones is a Savannah, Georgia native and enjoys spending time with his wife, Chiquita, and daughter, Journee. He was inspired to write poetry as a teenager experiencing childhood struggles. Benjamin is also an avid golfer and a recent graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
    • Books Written by Benjamin Jones
    • Inside A King's Mind (Poetry, ISBN: 978-1986694803)
      This a poetry book which illustrates different moments in my life. Every poem has help mold me to be the person I am today.
      • Aaron Kerkman (’01)

      • Aaron Kerkman, attorney based in Dallas, holds a JD from Fordham University, a Master's in Military Operational Art and Science from Air University, a Master's in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle, and a Bachelor's in Astronautical Engineering from the USAF Academy. Retired USAF Lt. Col. with extensive flight experience in F-15s.
    • Books Written by Aaron Kerkman
    • 1913: From General to Specific Welfare (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 9781718905429)
      "Exploring the impact of the 16th Amendment, 17th Amendment, and Federal Reserve Act of 1913, this book elucidates how they reshaped the United States Constitution's goal from general welfare to specific privileges. It delves into their effects, undermining liberty and paving the way for tyranny."
      • Michael Lynn (’91)

      • Michael had a distinguished 21-year Air Force career, including service in the Special Air Mission unit. With two Master's degrees from Embry Riddle, he transitioned into a successful civilian role, notably as Director of Exhibitions for an aeronautical defense company. Known as "The Ambassador of Certifications," he's a Founding Partner of the Global Protocol Etiquette and Civility Academy, sharing expertise as a speaker, trainer, and consultant.
    • Books Written by Michael Lynn
    • Travel Etiquette - Airports, Airplanes & About (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 13:979-8-5272-9152-0)
      Travel Etiquette covers 25+ chapters on topics such as: Before You Go ¦ Security ¦ Travel Items ¦ Packing ¦ Do's & Do Not's ¦ Personal Hygiene ¦ Boarding On the Plane ¦ Center Arm Rest ¦ Disembarking Plane First Aid Cards ¦ Airlines Info ¦ Travel Checklist.
      • Dorian McClenahan (’76)

      • Dorian McClenahan has a rich career bridging aviation and planetary exploration. Starting as a charter pilot, he progressed to airline piloting before joining NASA/JPL. There, he oversaw spacecraft operations for missions like Voyagers, Mars Rovers, and Cassini, while also contributing to technical training programs. With degrees in Aeronautics and Adult Education, he's a versatile professional.
    • Books Written by Dorian McClenahan
    • Heaven Sequence (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-09836-249-2)
      Dr. Christian Alexander, a neuroscientist, seeks his vanished father by exploring near-death experiences. His clandestine post-death experiments unveil profound cognitive activity after death, driven by his obsession. Despite ethical dilemmas and pursuit, he persists, uncovering astonishing truths about the human brain.
      • Brian Nicklas (’87)

    • Books Written by Brian Nicklas
    • American Missiles: The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide (Historical, ISBN: 9781848325173)
      "American Missiles: The Complete Smithsonian Field Guide" offers an illustrated catalog of nearly 200 powerful missiles used by the US Army. Drawing from the Desind Photo Collection, it provides detailed specifications and showcases the evolution of American missile design. A valuable resource for specialists and aviation enthusiasts alike.
      • wes oleszewski (’87)

      • Wes Oleszewski, a meticulous researcher and author, has penned 27 books since 1991. With a background in aviation, including as a former airline captain, he transitioned to a successful career as a writer. His works span Great Lakes maritime history, World War II, spaceflight history, and fiction. Additionally, he's a cartoonist known for the Klyde Morris cartoon strip.
    • Books Written by wes oleszewski
    • The Witch of November (Historical)
      True tales of shipwrecks that took place in the 10th day of November on the Great lakes. That is the same calendar date as the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. These stories reach as far back as the 1850s.
    • World War II and the Great Lakes (Historical)
      The heart of the arsenal of democracy during World War II was the Great Lakes region and the steel plants of the eastern states. The blood flowing through that heart was red iron ore, shipped from the Great Lakes. This book covers that effort.
    • Invisible Evil (Suspense)
      An aviation/spy thriller this book looks into an organization without a name working to gum up the works of the powers that be at any cost. A young woman who has been promoted in the NSA from analyst to field operative is hot on their trail as a series of air disasters are linked to the group.
      • Mark Ozeroff (’87)

      • Mark Ozeroff holds an MBA and a Commercial pilot license. He's a ravenous reader, one who believes that fiction can sometimes tell a more profound truth than history. Mark's debut novel earned a gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America¦just in time for the publisher's going-out-of-business sale. So he relocated to California, to lick his wounds and write IN THE WEEDS.
    • Books Written by Mark Ozeroff
    • Days of Smoke (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1603185011)
      "DAYS OF SMOKE" follows Hans Udet, a pilot in Hitler's air force, as he navigates the complexities of war and the Holocaust. His actions force him to confront the conflict between his loyalty to Germany and his compassion for humanity, especially after rescuing a Jewish woman. As he grapples with growing disdain for the Nazis, Hans faces a moral dilemma that tests his sense of duty and his conscience.
    • In the Weeds (Fiction, ISBN: 978-0998427492)
      IN THE WEEDS is a humorous 70's tale of gas, grass, and Vietnam. Slats Kisov is an Air Force pilot who returns to the US a changed man, suffering from undiagnosed PTSD. Slats just thinks he's addicted to the adrenaline of combat flying, he starts smuggling the occasional load of marijuana into Florida from the Bahamas. He is aided in this venture by the Morales family, moral people who just also happen to be money launderers, gun molls, and poetry-spouting bulimic Cuban pot farmers.
      • William Palmer (’79)

      • "Bill Palmer is recently retired from Delta as an A350 Captain/Instructor/Check Airman. He holds type ratings in 757/767, 777, DC-10, A320, A330, and A350 He has served as an instructor in airplanes and simulators, as a check airman, FAA designated examiner, and has appeared on CNN and other media outlets as subject matter expert . On his off time, he flies gliders at Warner Springs. His book: 'Understanding Air France 447'
    • Books Written by William Palmer
    • Understanding Air France 447 (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9897857-2-3)
      "Understanding Air France 447" delves into the tragic crash of an Airbus A330, offering insights into crew actions, human factors, and airplane systems. It goes beyond sensationalism, exploring critical factors like alternate flight control laws and stall recovery, providing essential lessons for all aviators.
    • Airbus Flight Control Laws: The Reconfiguration Laws (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9897857-4-7)
      Continuing the discussion on Airbus flight control laws started with Airbus A330 Normal Law: Putting fly-by-wire into perspective. Covered here are the Airbus reconfiguration laws, those that become effective when Normal law can no longer function. It provides additional insight into these flight control laws for the pilots who fly them and for interested aviation enthusiasts.
    • Airbus A330 Normal Law: Putting fly-by-wire into perspective (Non-Fiction)
      "From the author of Understanding Air France 447, Bill Palmer explains the Airbus A330 fly-by-wire system's Normal flight control law. It is the normal operating mode of the Airbus fly-by-wire flight control system. Described is a short history of fly-by-wire technology and how the Normal Law handling characteristics and flight envelope protections function and work together. This document describes the A330 in particular though other Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft are similar but have differences"
      • Mihai Pruna (’03)

      • Software engineer and part-time author, I grew up in Romania but have lived in the United States for most of my adult life. My books are in the science-fiction genre and I love coming up with stories that are futuristic, or which pose alternate history questions. In my free time I surf, skateboard or snowboard.
    • Books Written by Mihai Pruna
    • The Shift (Science Fiction, ISBN: 979-8649079907)
      In "The Shift," Earth and its moon suddenly find themselves in a different star system, surrounded by seven alternate versions of Earth. Among them is a world where the Axis powers won World War II, posing a threat to our planet. The novel explores humanity's response to this unprecedented event through a diverse cast facing fears and seizing opportunities. Ideal for fans of "The Expanse," "Seveneves," "Ender’s Game," or "The Man in the High Castle."
      • Dylan Rogers (’18)

      • Dylan J. Rogers, a Kansas City native, pursued his passion for aerospace engineering, earning degrees from Embry-Riddle and AFIT. With a background in engineering and military service, he now shares insights on happiness, fulfillment, and empathy to empower others towards better lives.
    • Books Written by Dylan Rogers
    • Winning at Life (Non-Fiction)
      "Winning at Life" offers actionable advice to discover life's purpose, create happiness, and combat hate. Drawing from personal experiences, Dylan J Rogers provides tools for personal growth and overcoming challenges, guiding readers to thrive in life. Ideal for anyone seeking a fulfilling life.
      • Cameron Singh (’15)

      • Cameron Nathan Singh, from San Bruno, CA, excels in aviation leadership, traversing various locations. With a Doctorate in Executive Leadership, he's based in Denver, CO. Co-host of "The Leadership Download" podcast and a John Maxwell certified coach, he's dedicated to empowering youth in leadership.
    • Books Written by Cameron Singh
    • Navigation and Discovery: A Path Of Navigating and Discovering Through Your Journey of (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1959095545)
      In this book, Cameron Nathan Singh shares his journey of faith and discovery, detailing his rise to senior leadership roles. Through obstacles and challenges, he navigates his late teens and 20s, ultimately discovering his purpose and calling to live out his faith. Cameron's authentic story inspires readers to reflect on their own journey of navigation and discovery in life.
      • John Spadea (’89)

      • "I am an Embry-Riddle Alumni from the Class of 1989. I attended the University in Prescott fresh out of high school, and graduated four years later. I wrote a book to help College Students aspiring in aviation, that anything is possible, no matter how many hurdles you are faced with. I am an International B747 Captain, flying all over the world. My goal looked doubtful while I was in college. I wish I could have read an inspirational book like the one that I have to offer to you."
    • Books Written by John Spadea
    • Logbook Affairs (Non-Fiction)
      Spadea shares his journey from overcoming obstacles to becoming a Boeing 747 captain. He recounts flying adventures, from scary incidents to encounters with famous people. He discusses the future of flying and aims to inspire future generations to pursue their dreams with passion and perseverance.
      • Michael Stock (’84)

    • Books Written by Michael Stock
    • Chasing the Four Winds (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 9780984154258)
      The incredible true story of a 45-year professional flying career filled with adventure and danger
      • Robert Sumwalt (’14)

      • "Robert L. Sumwalt is Executive Director of the Embry-Riddle Center for Aviation and Aerospace safety, where he serves as Distinguished Fellow in Aviation Safety. Previously, Sumwalt served as Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Member of NTSB, where he served from August 2006 to June 2021, after being appointed by Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald J. Trump. Sumwalt was a pilot for 32 years, including 24 years with a major US-based international airline. "
    • Books Written by Robert Sumwalt
    • Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0071351492)
      "Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports provides detailed analyses of major aircraft accidents, including pilot backgrounds, events leading to each crash, and investigation findings. The book offers valuable insights into air safety and policy changes, making it essential reading for all interested in aviation safety."
      • Thomas Tacker (’77)

    • Books Written by Thomas Tacker
    • Overcoming: The Inspiring Story of America's Freed Slaves (Non-Fiction, ISBN: ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1711869856)
      "Emerging from slavery with nothing, the freed slaves defied odds, forging stable marriages, achieving literacy, and surpassing white income growth. Thomas Tacker chronicles their remarkable journey, debunking myths and celebrating their extraordinary achievements."
    • Rethinking Consumer Protection: Escaping Death by Regulation (Non-Fiction, ISBN: ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1498577431)
      "Thomas Tacker's book challenges conventional consumer protection laws, advocating for embracing life-saving inventions and streamlining regulations. Through case studies, it illustrates how reformed liability laws and consumer guidance can enhance safety, freedom, and quality of life."
      • Vesa Turpeinen (’06)

      • "Vesa Turpeinen is a longtime aviator, corporate airline pilot, and flight instructor. He is the former Chief Flight Instructor of the Chaoyang Flight College of CAUC (Civil Aviation University of China) and MBA graduate from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, Florida). Vesa grew up in Helsinki, Finland, and currently resides in Hangzhou, China, working as a Global 6000 corporate airline Captain. "
    • Books Written by Vesa Turpeinen
    • Learn to Fly and Become a Pilot! (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-9526923802)
      "Learn to Fly and Become a Pilot!" by Vesa Turpeinen offers invaluable guidance for aspiring pilots, covering everything from the adventure of flying to choosing the right flight school and navigating the path to a professional pilot career. With insightful chapters and actionable steps, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in the world of aviation.
    • What to Expect from Flight Training! When You Want to Become a Commercial Pilot (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-9526923833)
      "Flight Training Essentials" provides comprehensive guidance on obtaining various FAA pilot certificates and ratings, essential for aspiring pilots. It offers insights into the training process, exams, and necessary certifications, making it a vital resource for anyone considering a career in aviation.
      • Shane Twede (’05)

      • Shane K Twede, author, pilot, and life coach, creates captivating stories for all ages. With degrees in Aeronautics and Applied Science, he blends storytelling with diverse life experiences. An adventure enthusiast, he explores interests like boating, flying, and music, while also engaging in life coaching.
    • Books Written by Shane Twede
    • Escape From Ludomania (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-6442-6002-9)
      In "Cougar's Rescue," black ops agent Cougar embarks on a perilous mission to save his abducted friend, Jack. With only a cryptic phone call as a clue, Cougar ventures to the Caribbean, where he encounters both danger and unexpected allies, including the enigmatic island girl Kela. As he races against time to locate Jack, Cougar faces formidable adversaries and must rely on his skills and determination to succeed.
    • Ghost Assets (Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-578-68647-9)
      In "Trinity's Mission," artifacts vanish, a C-47 disappears, and Cougar of Black Ops unit Trinity is tasked with solving the mysteries. As tensions rise between nations, Cougar must navigate perilous situations and unknown enemies to recover treasures and rescue Amelia, facing a mission like never before.
    • Dress For Transformation - Change your clothes, change your life (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-578-93124-1)
      Dress For Transformation (DFT) method empowers individuals to enhance personal and professional success by aligning attire and mindset. Neglectful dressing impacts subconscious perception, hindering performance. DFT facilitates inner and outer alignment, fostering integrity and enabling achievement of goals.
      • Dr. Stacey Tyler (’14)

      • Dr. Stacey Tyler holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration, specializing in Homeland Security. With 22 years in the airline industry, she's a General Manager, Adjunct Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and now a business owner. Her company, Interactive Intelligence Corporation, focuses on airport security and internal threat training. She's authored books on airport security and appeared on various media outlets to address aviation safety concerns.
    • Books Written by Dr. Stacey Tyler
    • The Internal Threat: The Community Behind the Security Checkpoint (Non-Fiction, ISBN: Amazon Print Copy - 9798693389281)
      Dr. Stacey Tyler delves into the vulnerabilities of airport security systems, uncovering how miscommunication among TSA, airlines, and airport staff compromises safety. Exploring post-9/11 changes, the book sheds light on systemic flaws, urging readers to reconsider national aviation security.
      • Joey Uliana (’09)

      • Joey Uliana is a pilot who has a kid-soul playing inside a grownup body. He has flown in 15 countries, more than 50 different types of aircraft and in all kinds of weather. By sharing his adventures he hopes to inspire people to turn their dreams into reality.
    • Books Written by Joey Uliana
    • Aviation Tales & Tails (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 979-8985056907)
      "Aviation Tales & Tails offers captivating anecdotes from Joey Uliana's flying journey, highlighting the intertwining of aviation with personal connections and life's unpredictability. It resonates with both seasoned aviators and aspiring pilots, showcasing the challenges and passion of the profession."
    • Polaris the Bear (Children's, ISBN: 978-1983001642)
      "Polaris" follows the adventures of a curious polar bear who escapes captivity to explore the world. It inspires young readers to embrace learning, cherish friendships, and embark on exciting journeys. With lessons in science and geography woven into the story, it's an engaging read that encourages a love for reading, traveling, and learning.
      • Hans-Arthur Vogel (’97)

      • Dr. Hans-Arthur Vogel, Professor of Aviation Management at IUBH, Germany, brings over 20 years of financial management expertise from Fraport Group. With a focus on airport management and economics, he's authored "Foundations of Airport Economics and Finance" and contributed to research in air transport. A member of prestigious aviation societies, his contributions to the field are widely recognized.
    • Books Written by Hans-Arthur Vogel
    • Foundations of Airport Economics and Finance (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-0-12-810528-3)
      "Foundations of Airport Economics and Finance explores the economic factors influencing airport financial performance, offering insights into the evolving global airport landscape. With real-world cases and learning aids, it bridges academic research with practical airport management."
      • Brandon Wild (’97)

      • Brandon Wild, Associate Professor at UND Aviation Department, brings extensive industry experience from United Airlines, UPS, USAIG, Northwest & Delta Air Lines. Holds Bachelor of Science and MBA in Aviation from ERAU, and a Ph.D. in Educational Foundations and Research from UND.
    • Books Written by Brandon Wild
    • Introduction to Aviation Safety (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 9781792467134)
      Introduction to Aviation provides a detailed introduction into the current important issues affecting aviation safety.
      • Buck Wyndham (’87)

      • "Buck graduated from ERAU Daytona in 1987. He was an A-10 fighter pilot, and flew the A-10 Warthog during the first Gulf War. His book, Hogs in the Sand, chronicles his combat experiences there. He later went on to be a T-38 Instructor Pilot. He is now a warbird instructor and test pilot for Code 1 Aviation, and is a Captain for a major airline. He holds type ratings in the 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and A320. He lives in a fly-in community in Illinois."
    • Books Written by Buck Wyndham
    • Hogs in the Sand: A Gulf War A-10 Pilot's Combat Journal (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-64663-160-5)
      Hogs in the Sand is the epic and deeply-personal year-long journey of a fighter pilot as he fights an increasingly terrifying war, all the while attempting to win over a woman and keep control of his internal demons. For anyone who has admired the A-10 Warthog, seen it in action, or called upon it to be their salvation, this story will fulfill a desire to virtually strap into the cockpit, while gaining unprecedented understanding of the mind of a modern combat pilot.
    • Books Written by Harley Carter
    • Edelweiss (Fiction)
      A dungeons-and-vikings adventure into the heights and depths of a fantastic land inspired by Germanic Folklore and Norse Mythology, told from a father to his son in the midst of a long winter. The story is centered around the father in his youth as well as Serge, a mercenary with a heart of gold, and Holloni, a brilliant linguist who struggles with social cues.
    • Sea Stories (Non-Fiction)
      "Embark on a riveting journey with sea stories from the USS Essex and USS America, spanning boot camp to global destinations like Malaysia, Iraq, and Nagasaki. Experience the challenges, celebrations, and camaraderie of life at sea in this captivating book."
      • Thomas Culbert (’93)

      • Tom Culbert, a former USAF officer and diplomat-pilot, served extensively in Africa for over 21 years. Author of "PAN AFRICA," he uncovered the untold story of American civilians' crucial support to the RAF before WWII.
    • Books Written by Thomas Culbert
    • Pan Africa - Across the Sahara in 1941 With Pan Am (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-88896-212-6)
      This non-fiction book unveils the untold story of 1500 American civilians who volunteered for war in Africa in 1941. Working under Pan American Airlines, they played a crucial role in establishing air routes and ferrying aircraft for the Allies, months before the U.S. officially entered WWII. Rich in historical detail, it showcases the pioneering aviation effort with rare photographs and exhibits.
      • Diane Diekman (’93)

      • Diane Diekman, retired Navy captain, commands respect in service and literature. A prolific author, she delves into biographies of country music legends. An active community member, she leads in veterans' organizations and serves on the Battleship South Dakota Memorial board.
    • Books Written by Diane Diekman
    • Twentieth Century Drifter: The Life of Marty Robbins (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-252-08125-5)
      "Twentieth Century Drifter" offers the first biography of Marty Robbins, the legendary country music artist and NASCAR driver. From his troubled upbringing to his rise to fame, Diane Diekman explores Robbins' journey as a restless entertainer, driven by a quest for self-fulfillment.
    • Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-252-07842-2)
      Diane Diekman's biography delves into the life of Faron Young, a vibrant figure in country music. Through interviews and anecdotes, she captures his influence on Nashville's scene, his hits, and his personal journey. The book offers insights into the evolution of country music from 1950 to 1980, reflecting Young's impact on the genre's expansion beyond its rural roots into a national phenomenon.
    • Mommy! Watch Me (ISBN: 978-09708201-4-3)
      Captain Diane Diekman fulfills her dream of motherhood by adopting two traumatized girls. Amidst challenges and mistakes, she navigates parenting while balancing a demanding military career. Mommy! Watch Me offers a poignant portrayal of adoptive love and the complexities of family life.
      • Frank Donohue (’85)

      • Frank J. Donohue, a retired FedEx captain with over 36 years of flying experience, is a bestselling author, video producer, and philanthropist. Recognized for his impeccable service, he now resides in Virginia Beach with his family, dedicating time to various charitable endeavors.
    • Books Written by Frank Donohue
    • Frank the Pilot: Amazing revelations of what a professional pilot sees, thinks and feels. (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9894678-8-9)
      "Take flight with Captain Frank Donohue as he shares the highs and lows of his three-decade journey as an airline pilot. From the challenges of obtaining a license to facing mechanical emergencies and hair-raising landings, this book offers a vivid firsthand account of life in the skies. An adventure not to be missed for pilots and passengers alike."
    • Ten Healthy Tips (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9894678-3-4)
      "Ten Health Tips" offers insights from an airline pilot's career, emphasizing the importance of maintaining health for optimal performance. Frank, an experienced Airline Captain, shares his rules for mental and physical well-being in checklist and procedure formats, providing readers with a flight plan for life.
    • From Hate to Love (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9894678-6-5)
      Frank J Donohue, drawing on his extensive experience as a pilot and personal encounters with mortality, explores existential questions and advocates for love over hate. He emphasizes the importance of embracing others and finding common ground, highlighting religious teachings, particularly those of Jesus, as guiding principles. His Trinity for Me prayer encapsulates his aspiration for love, trust, and unity.
      • Brian Duddy (’83)

      • Brian J. Duddy, retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel and Defense Acquisition University professor, holds degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, History, and Management. A seasoned program manager and prolific writer, his works span aviation safety, defense acquisition, and literature. Currently, he serves as a Program Manager at Wright Patterson AFB.
    • Books Written by Brian Duddy
    • Wings Over LeRoy (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-6152-1900-4)
      Discover the captivating history of the Donald Woodward Airport in LeRoy, New York, hailed as "The Finest Private Airport in America." From its inception in the 1920s to hosting major aviation events and welcoming renowned aviators like Amelia Earhart, this book richly illustrates the airport's legacy. A must-read for aviation enthusiasts and those fascinated by local history.
    • Invasion Stripes: The Wartime Diary of Captain Robert Uhrig, USAAF (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-615-62814-1)
      "Invasion Stripes" chronicles the WWII journey of US Army Air Forces Captain Robert Uhrig through his own words, drawn from diary entries and letters to his wife. From aircraft mechanic to Engineering Officer, Uhrig's story unfolds from Patterson Field to European theaters, blending personal love with wartime separation.
    • Fox Fires (Fiction, ISBN: 979-8-218-08090-7)
      The Cold War has just ended, but U.S. Air Force Captain Charlie Morgan's still got a job to do. He's trying to make a deal . Along the way he runs afoul of some out-of-work Russians, a few old Nazis and meets the girl of his dreams - a beautiful, courageous, Finnish woman. Together they stumble on a 50-year-old mystery that changes both their lives. Embroils them in one of the last big controversies of World War II the fate of the remaining Nazi gold that vanished at the end of the war.
      • Steve Giuffrida (’04)

      • Steve is a multi-talented aviator with diverse experience in aviation and healthcare leadership. From military service to corporate maintenance and private jet piloting, he bridges his passion for flying with aiding healthcare missions. Off-duty, he enjoys family time and music with his classic rock band.
    • Books Written by Steve Giuffrida
    • Pilot Gets Hired, How To Build Flight Time, Attract Opportunities, And Land The Flying Job Of Your (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 7.98E+11)
      "Pilot Gets Hired" offers strategies for aspiring pilots frustrated with career stagnation. Learn success habits, attract opportunities, and accelerate career growth. Discover how to showcase your potential, maximize value, and navigate the politics of flight. A valuable resource for realizing your dream flying job.
      • Robert Harvey (’81)

      • Robert D. "Bob" Harvey, retired Air Force Colonel and combat veteran, served in both the Air Force and Army, with extensive flight experience including combat tours. He's received numerous awards for his service, including the Distinguished Flying Cross. A former airline pilot, he now resides in Cocoa, Florida, with his wife, Connie.
    • Books Written by Robert Harvey
    • The Whole Truth, The Tainted Prosecution of an American Fighter Pilot (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-0615933634)
      The story of a false allegation of sexual assault against a rising star in the F-16 Fighter Pilot community in Aviano, Italy, a farce investigation, kangaroo trial, and the moral courage it took to right the wrong.
    • Cocoa Florida, A History (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978.1.62619.429.8)
      A colorful history of the City of Cocoa, Florida on Florida's Space Coast.
      • Michael Hoyes (’89)

      • Dr. Michael B. Hoyes, a decorated veteran with over 30 years in the USAF, boasts a rich career including combat, instruction, and strategic planning. Post-retirement, he remains dedicated to serving the nation as a defense consultant. Passionate about leadership, he earned a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree and continues to share his expertise. He resides in Yorktown, Virginia, with his wife, Claudia, and their family.
    • Books Written by Michael Hoyes
      Seeing Clearly attempts to open the reader's eyes to important initial steps for successful leadership.
      • Thomas Johnson (’08)

      • Dr. Thomas F. Johnson, a DBA graduate specializing in Management of Engineering and Technology, authored "Reducing Airlines Carbon Footprint". His master's thesis at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University influenced FAA's ETOPS rule, enhancing safety standards. He holds a commercial pilot's license and FAA mechanic certifications.
    • Books Written by Thomas Johnson
    • Reducing Airlines' Carbon Footprint (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-1-63195-081-0)
      The book describes the advantages of installing the Aircraft Electric Taxi System ETS on a single isle narrow body aircraft. Improvement of Airport area air quality. Potential costs of ETS installation. Fuel consumption evaluation before and after ETS installation. Ground taxi time evaluation. Improved airport terminal accessibility. Landing gear compatibility for the ETS installations.
      • Herbert McKinley (’86)

      • Herbert McKinley whose pen name is H.J.Koch is a passionate poet who has had a spouse and three children graduate from West Point. He is a Captain on the Boeing 777 and has flown for American Airlines for 35 years. Before that he flew both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for the U.S. Army.
    • Books Written by Herbert McKinley
    • Thayer's Return (Poetry, ISBN: 978-1-4834-9602-3)
      Historical verse of the early history of West Point. The Father of West Point, Sylvanus Thayer, returns in ghost form from the mist of history seeking an update of the academy from cadet McKinley.
      • John Moktadier (’92)

      • Captain John A. Moktadier, an Embry-Riddle graduate with 35 years of flying experience, holds multiple FAA licenses and four type ratings. With over 24,000 flight hours, he served as a Boeing 727 Check Airman, conducting training with exceptional results. He's authored acclaimed books on aviation, earning recognition for his expertise and training style.
    • Books Written by John Moktadier
    • Boeing 727 Flight Master (Technical, ISBN: 1-4184-2232-0)
      This comprehensive guide offers everything needed to master the B-727, from takeoff to landing, aiding in check ride success and day-to-day operations. Filled with real-life insights, pilot tips, and system explanations, it ensures confidence in crisis situations. The author's money-back guarantee underscores confidence in its effectiveness, aiming to save pilots training costs while advancing their careers.
    • Airbus 330 The Ultimate Guide for Pilots (Technical, ISBN: 978-1-947191-47-1)
      "In this book, drawing from my 35-year aviation career as a captain and TRE, along with insights from top pilots, I offer valuable information and tips to enhance your understanding of Airbus 330 systems, boost situational awareness, and improve safety. Learn from real accident scenarios and pilot errors, particularly during instrument approaches."
      • Linda Pauwels (’04)

    • Books Written by Linda Pauwels
    • Beyond Haiku: Pilots Write Poetry (Poetry, ISBN: 9.78E+12)
      "Beyond Haiku" offers a poetic glimpse into the world of airline pilots through haiku and short poems. Capturing the niche humor and empathy of pilots, accompanied by charming illustrations by children of pilots. Proceeds support pilots affected by COVID-19 through the Allied Pilots Association Emergency Relief and Scholarship Fund.
    • Beyond Haiku: Women Pilots Write Poetry (Poetry, ISBN: 9.78E+12)
      "Captain Linda Pauwels presents a collection of poetry by women pilots worldwide, capturing the essence of flight. Included are insights from aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Illustrated by children of pilots, this book supports scholarships for aspiring women aviators."
      • Walter Sorenson (’84)

      • As a single dad, I wrote a story with my kids, who also illustrated it. After publication, it was accepted into the Library of Congress. Two of my children attend Embry-Riddle, and all three are published authors. Their achievements make me proud and grateful.
    • Books Written by Walter Sorenson
    • Do You Live In A Barn? (Children's, ISBN: 978-1-68470-804-8)
      A wonderful Children's story written by a single dad for his children and with his children who did the illustrations
      • Geoffrey Weiss (’97)

      • Brig Gen Geoffrey Weiss, an Active Duty Air Force Officer, serves on the Joint Staff with extensive experience in military operations, command leadership, and homeland defense. Holder of four master's degrees, he authored "The New Art of War" and contributed to prestigious military journals.
    • Books Written by Geoffrey Weiss
    • The New Art of War: The Origins, Theory, and Future of Conflict (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 978-1108837644)
      "The New Art of War by Colonel Geoffrey F. Weiss offers a comprehensive exploration of war's nature, origins, and future, merging philosophy and military theory. It provides a fresh framework to understand the complexities of conflict, offering insights into strategy, combat, and the evolution of warfare."
      • Bascom Wilson (’93)

    • Books Written by Bascom Wilson
    • Misguided Justice (Mystery, ISBN: 978-0984031650)
      Detective Jack Sinclair left the big city to enjoy the quiet of his hometown of Onocock, Va. His calm lifestyle turns upside down when a vacationer is slain at a nearby Chesapeake Bay beach. A seemingly simple murder investigation turns into one of interstate an international intrigue.
    • The Case of the Negligee Murders (Mystery, ISBN: 978-1475964455)
      They had become a couple, or so he thought. The day she rejected him for a new lover resonated throughout his mind, causing angry thought to once again emerge, Not wanting to get angry, he took long deep breaths. He had to remain calm. He needed to be focused. His vengeance was near. She had to die!
      • Suzanne Kearns (’00)

      • Suzanne K. Kearns is an Associate Professor of aviation at the University of Waterloo in Canada. She is a former aeroplane and helicopter pilot, the author of five other aviation books, and is considered a leading expert in aviation education internationally. Kearns has developed and delivered Aviation Fundamentals' courses to thousands of students and professionals.
    • Books Written by Suzanne Kearns
    • Fundamentals of International Aviation (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-0367467951)
      "Fundamentals of International Aviation, 2nd edition, offers a comprehensive view of the global air transport sector, catering to the next generation of aviation professionals. With updated content, case studies, and online resources, it prepares readers for diverse careers in aviation and enriches understanding for current industry professionals."
    • Competency-Based Education in Aviation (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-0367669997)
      "Competency-Based Education in Aviation explores the shift from hours-based to competency-based training in air traffic control, piloting, maintenance engineering, and cabin crew fields. It delves into benefits, challenges, and strategies for effective implementation, featuring insights from aviation training experts."
      • Oakland McCulloch

      • Lt. Col. Oak McCulloch's Army career spans 23 years, marked by leadership roles in Infantry and Armor branches. He aided in disaster relief for Hurricanes HUGO and ANDREW, served in operations like Desert Shield/Storm, Bosnia, and Kosovo. A seasoned instructor, he's published "Your Leadership Legacy" and taught at various military and civilian institutions.
    • Books Written by Oakland McCulloch
    • Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be (Non-Fiction, ISBN: 9.78E+12)
      This book is not about leadership theory. This book is about everyday things that everyday leaders can do to improve their leadership skills and abilities.
      • Roland Nunez (’20)

      • Dr. Roland Nunez has worked in higher education for over 10 years. He has utilized his experience to create various works of fiction, including the Halls of Ivy book series, and a college-themed stage play called Door Tags.
    • Books Written by Roland Nunez
    • Halls of Ivy (Mystery, ISBN: 978-1466284432)
      Cheyenne Winters delves into the secrets of Sun Valley University, uncovering a conspiracy linked to student suicides. As she investigates, she becomes entangled in a web of deceit and corruption, threatening her future and the lives of those she seeks to understand. This gripping university thriller series, "Halls of Ivy," reveals the dark underbelly of academic prestige.
    • Halls of Ivy: Pathfinder (Mystery, ISBN: 978-1481825511)
      "After last year's scandals, Sun Valley University is on the path to recovery. Cheyenne Winters returns, uncovering deeper secrets and a campus-wide conspiracy. With science professor Steven Garcia, she seeks truth amid lies, risking their own secrets. Pathfinder continues the gripping 'Halls of Ivy' series."
    • Halls of Ivy: Trailblazer (Mystery, ISBN: 978-1491236871)
      Amid budget crises and power struggles, Dr. Shandra Giles manipulates the chaos at Sun Valley University. Cheyenne Winters, now Dean of Students, fights to maintain peace but realizes she may be following in Giles's footsteps. Meanwhile, the Board of Regents initiates a plan that will reshape the university.
      • Kenneth Peck (’11)

      • Kenneth Peck, ERAU 2011 MSM, is a retired US Army CW3 due to combat injuries received in Afghanistan. Ken's military career 1988 - 2014 took him all over the US and Worldwide. Ken has a profound love of Military and Free Fall Parachuting and has completed 2 books American Airborne Ads of the 20's thru the 50's and Paratrooper Print Ads of WWII based of of his extensive collection of Airborne themed Print Advertisements that range from the early 1900's to the present.
    • Books Written by Kenneth Peck
    • American Airborne Ads of the 20s thru the 50s (Historical, ISBN: 978-1-54398-007-3)
      Compilation of historical Airborne themed magazine and print advertisements, magazine covers and cartoons from the authors personal collection that have been creatively compiled to portray a visual history of US Military Airborne thru the 1920s to the 1950s. The book is creatively written in English, Spanish, French and German
    • Paratrooper Print Ads of WWII (Historical)
      Compilation of historical Airborne themed magazine and print advertisements, magazine covers and cartoons from the authors personal collection that have been creatively compiled to portray a visual history of US Military Airborne thru the US WWII years of 1941 thru 1945. This is Ken's 2nd book which is currently set for a launch date of June 6th, 2021
    • Books Written by Donna Roberts
    • Psych Pstuff: Reflections on Psychology in Everyday Life - Volume 1 (Non-Fiction, ISBN: ASIN : B07W65X1PK)
      Reflections on psychology in everyday life. Volume 1
    • Brief Therapy Approaches in the Treatment of Substance Abuse (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-3830099079)
      "This comprehensive book delves into the theoretical foundations and diverse treatment modalities of brief therapy for substance abuse, encompassing cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic, and family systems perspectives, offering valuable insights for practitioners."
    • Psychographic Segmentation. Psychological Measures Related to Consumer Behavior and Lifestyle (Textbook/Research, ISBN: 978-3339107305)
      Psychographic segmentation categorizes markets based on consumer lifestyles, focusing on attributes like personality, interests, and values. Lifestyle patterns influence consumption behaviors and preferences, correlating with product and media usage. This paper examines popular psychographic segmentation schemes to understand how they classify market segments and forecast behavior.
    • Books Written by Arthur Theocles
    • Liberty's Dawn - Book One of the Liberty Trilogy (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-4697-5157-3)
      Three friends in 2010 stumble into America's Revolutionary War in 1780. As they grapple with their unexpected journey, they confront history's challenges firsthand, battling to ensure liberty's dawn in the face of looming evil.
    • Defending Liberty - Book Two of the Liberty Trilogy (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-4917-0732-6)
      "After surviving a temporal attack in America's Revolutionary War, Nik, Sid, and John find themselves trapped in another historical conflict. As they struggle to navigate unknown times, they must unravel a sinister plot threatening America's survival, using modern tactics to defend its freedom."
    • The Hermit on the Hill - A Liberty Series Companion Novel (Fiction, ISBN: 978-1-5089-5849-9)
      "The Hermit on the Hill" delves into the inner struggles of a character from the Liberty Trilogy, exploring timeless issues relevant to our nation's conscience. It offers a unique blend of fictional adventure and historical events, inviting readers to reflect on parallels between past and present societies. This installment serves as a precursor to the trilogy's third novel, offering insight into America's Civil War era.

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